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Everything you need to know about long term loans

Everything you need to know about long term loans

Our society is constructed in the way which treats money as the most important thing. And our financial condition is often more important than our health condition. At least for those people who are not having problems with their health at the moment. Almost everyone is blindly running to get more and more money, working continuously to be able to spend on various things, even if they don’t really need half of that stuff.

Consumer society and materialistic ways of thinking have led mankind to a situation where we have to work as much as we can to afford the basic elementary needs. However, occasionally we need to invest more money into some larger expense, such as a house or a new car, and these expenses often demand more money than we have at our disposal at that particular moment.

Types of long term loans

When, and if this happens, most people decide to take a loan and to ask a bank or some other kind of financial institution to provide them with enough cash money to be able to pay the expense at hand and to pay the money back to the bank through periodical installments later. If the amount of money is relatively large, people need a long time to pay the money bank, and this extends the maturity date of the loan, and in the same time it lowers the monthly installments, since the loan is stretched over a bigger time frame. If the duration of the loan is longer than 3 years, we speak of a long term loan. This number may slightly vary from bank to bank.


The usual period for long term loans is 5 to 25 years, or even 30. If the customers are buying a residential property, and this type of long term loans is generally known as mortgages. Mortgage is a loan used for buying a house or an apartment. In that manner the bank gives the money but it takes the house as a guarantee that the client will pay his debt in time.

The term used for this guarantee is called a collateral. If the clients defaults the payments, the property will be seized or repossessed. With this type of guarantee banks are sure that the money will be payed. It is why this type of loans is known as secured loans.

Other types of long term loans are similar. One of the most common types is a credit used for buying a car, which is called leasing. This method is widely used by people and companies who are in need of a new vehicle. Other types of long term loans include student loans and home improvement loans. They are based on the same principle, with small variations and differences.

The basic idea behind all of them is: people borrow the money from a bank or a credit union, and later they pay it back over a specified amount of time, and with interests as well.

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